Puzzling isn't it? Meet the newest rage in Match 3 games U Guess It!. Break the glass to reveal the picture beneath and try to guess the word.
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Match-3 pairs up with photo guessing to create a puzzler that’s enjoyable and challenging for those of nearly every age. As you group the gems and eliminate them, an image will be revealed, which must be deciphered into a word using a finite set of letters. This may not seem too difficult, however, there’s a limited number of time, limited number of moves, and the word may not be as blatant as you conclude. For example, the photo of a bull eating grass in a pasture isn’t hinting at “bull,” “cow,” or “grazing” but rather a different action. The game features colorful 2-D and photo 3-D graphics, 160 levels, small hints as well as purchasable power-ups.
Great Game - by Toast098775
Game is super addicting. Combines the best of our favorite games. Going to get my friends to enjoy it too!
U Guess It - by Barb51253
I really enjoy this game, totally addictive! I really enjoy the pictures and the challenge getting there to see them. Great fun and also a good tool for keeping my mind sharp. Thank you for a clever game!!
Candy Crush Addictive - by Harry Odell
Very addictive game and love the new spin on match three to reveal parts of the picture nice job!